Phone Leads

Telemarketing Final Expense Insurance Leads

Phone LeadsMake sure to take full advantage of Final Expense telemarketing lead services from Sales Associate Our insurance telemarketing service is planned to bring in new Final Expense prospects and increase your prosperity and (ROI) return of investment which will permit you and your agents to be empowered producers.

Our telephone operators and call centers are low pressure professionals. They are not “yes-forcers”. When you receive your appointment form, rest assure all prospects we schedule for you to call or meet with have agreed to the meeting and have been qualified.

For successful results to sell your product our advice for our phone lead services is to not be aggressive or forceful when contacting the prospect at the specified time on the lead sheet. Make your approach on the phone friendly and conversational. Get to know your prospect and let them know you’re a real live person too, with a spouse, kids, a mortgage, a cat named Max, and an ache in your left knee when it snow etc.


If you are interested in final expense telemarketing leads there are some details that you will want to become aware of. There are many life insurance licensed agents who use this way of lead generation to boost the amount of business they do. But at the same time there are just as many agents who feel that insurance lead telemarketing is nothing more than a waste of time. We have a system in place, staff, technique, and experience in place to generate appointments and other lead services.