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Roger S., TX

For last five years I still cannot believe this deal! Friendly and courteous people are always a pleasure doing business with. Your telemarketing and internet leads did exactly what you said it does.
Anastasia M., NV


This is simply unbelievable! Your sales leads have changed the way I look at telemarketing lead companies. Your life insurance leads are exactly what my agents have been missing for many years. Thank you!
Andrew M., NY

The first time I have ordered from you two years ago 20 leads and closed 7. Then I ordered 40 more and closed 11. Others in my office started to get curious about my lead source. Now over 11 people in my office are experiencing the same success in this advertising. I am so happy with this lead program I will never use any other health lead sources again, and recommend that everyone go to you so they can experience the same success as I have.
Sheldon H. CA

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Hello my name is Bill and I will purchase your services again your pre-sets. 75% - 80% presentations. up to 40% sign-ups! Thank you New Lead, keep on doing good work! Looking forward to increasing my order next week!
William J., AL

My first week I made $8,250!!! What else can I say? Thank you.
Andrea C., NY

Please feel free to publish my comment on your website. Telemarketing prospects, generating by your company are the most valuable business resource we have purchased for last 10 years. It really saves us a lot of time and a lot of money. Thank You!
Alan B., MO

I love your telemarketing leads. The leads I have purchased from you saved me time and money. Since I've been invested in your appointment services for the last two months I have made over $25,000 profits.
Kenneth R., NJ

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